Welcome to Architectural Design Services.

ADS offers a unique planning and design service for your French project from our office in Southern Brittany.

We can deal with all types of planning requirements, whether you are purchasing an old building to renovate, extend, or to convert into a home, or a plot of land on which to build a new house.

The services we provide

ADS company operates within the French administration system covering all the requirements for your renovation or new build project in France. Native English and French speakers, we work from our base in Southern Brittany.

We can provide the professional services for you to obtain all, or any, of the following:

For any advice or questions about what we can do for you, please contact us via the 'contact' form.

Our pricing guide

Certificat d'Urbanisme 420.00 € 600.00 €
Permis de Construire New build below 170 sq.m. 1200.00 € 1700.00 €
  above 170 sq.m. 2450.00 € 2950.00 €
  Renovation/conversion/extension below 170 sq.m. 1500.00 € 1900.00 €
  above 170 sq.m. 2750.00 € 3250.00 €
Déclaration préalable 600.00 € 1100.00 €
Swimming pool 700.00 € 950.00 €
Étude de sol 345.00 € 450.00 €
Please note, these fees are intended as a guide only. Actual fees depend on the specific nature and complexity of the project.

Contact ADS

E-mail phylip@ekingads.com
Telephone 0033 (0) 2 99 71 96 68
Address 25 La Gras
56350 Saint Vincent-sur-Oust